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Career and Executive Coaching

Brian Person, MDiv, LMFT

Brian's insightful, active and compassionate blend of psychology, theology and practical coaching has successfully helped thousands in face-to-face, online or outdoor confidential conversations for nearly four decades.  


Brian’s experience includes 37 years in ordained ministry, 29 years as a marriage and family therapist (MFT) and 19 years as a certified professional coach (CPC).  Brian is also an adjunct faculty member at  Western Seminary. 


Brian confidentially and creatively works with today’s busy professional by limiting his caseload and meeting face to face and online so he can focus and help clients move on in ways that work for them.


Brian enjoys spending time with Judy, his wife of 40 plus years, hanging out with his two adult sons  and chilling with friends of all sorts!

He  enjoys surfing, hiking, worshipful dance, photography, kayaking, writing, reading, video and movie watching. Brian was raised in Santa Cruz and loves exploring it's riches and loves staying dialed into Silicon Valley!










  • Need leadership training that goes beyond general seminar information and truly helps you?
  • Are relationship issues blocking your progress at work?
  • Want to be a world-class manager based on solid feedback?
  • Are you part of a couple who runs a business together?

If so, Brian’s certified, experienced coaching is for you.


Let Brian help you as he has hundreds of other clients

from large and small businesses.


Person Coaching is uniquely… 


  • Convenient- You set times that fit for you and it can be done by phone!

  • Personalized- Your coaching plan is adapted to fit your needs and goals.

  • Rapid- Commit in three session blocks, then re-evaluate.                       

  • Proven- All techniques and tests used are proven effective and successful with other diverse clients.

  • Guaranteed- If Brian doesn't deliver as promised, then you get a refund!


Kairos Leadership Development/Testing



Get objective, personalized leadership enhancement training in only a few hours.   No long, irrelevant

“training” meetings…


Brian’s leadership development activities include a unique blend of assessment, instruction, written and reading exercises, personal reflection, and personalized feedback to help participants answer these key questions about their leadership:


  • What kind of leader am I today?

  • What do others I work with say are my leadership strengths and weaknesses?

  • What area of leadership do I need to excel in or develop to improve performance or job satisfaction?

  • What are the next leadership steps I need to take?

  • How do I implement my personalized next steps?


Samples of the tests used:


  • Spectrum CPI: A Coaching Report for Leaders- The CPI measures 18 of your leadership characteristics and compares them to other managers and executives.

  • FIRO-B for Organizations- measures your interpersonal needs in 3 vital areas affecting your leadership.

  • Myers Briggs, Step II-   reflects 20 preferential ways you relate to and lead others.

  • Leadership Practices Inventory-   you and other colleagues rate 5 aspects of your leadership.

  • Emotional Quotient Inventory-   reveals 15 strengths and weakness of your emotional intelligence.


Periodic special events:


Next Step Hikes - Outstanding and unique day-long outings with a small group of men where you are challenged physically, mentally, spiritually and relationally. Get unstuck and take charge of the next steps needed in your life. Brian and other trained outdoorsmen will coach you through this unique adventure. The most common hike is “The Tree to Sea”, a 12 mile hike from Big Basin, California to the Pacific Ocean.


Men’s Life Success Groups - A ten week coaching small group for men exploring  individual and relational/emotional health.



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