Now is the opportune moment for change!


As experienced professional counselors we are excited

that you have decided to gather support for yourself.


Kairos Associates offers practical, focused and relevant

tools for adult individual and relational healing and development. 





Do you want to close the gap between who you are and who you want to become?


Do you need effective ways to manage your moods and stress?


Would you like healing from past hurts?


Would you like tools to enhance your relationships?



Are you considering marriage?


 Do you know what creates a 

 successful marriage?


 Are you ready to end 

 negative  conflict by learning

 healthy ways to interact?


 Are you wondering if your  

 marriage is beyond repair?

 Want to make a change in  

 your  career? 


 People in unsatisfying careers can move to a satisfying one  and those in

a  successful career into one with deeper significance.


 No matter your setting, 

 developing stonger leadership skills is a must.