Individual Adult Counseling


Are you struggling with mood issues such as depression/anxiety/anger?


Do you need healing from a difficult childhood?


Would you like help for coping with grief and loss?


Would you like practical tools that will help with:


                      Life transitions,

                      Stress management,

          Family and parenting concerns?



Individual counseling can empower you to be more of who you wish to be.



Couples Counseling


Life together can bring many joys, yet it is often accompanied by difficult challenges and opportunities for positive growth. Whether you are just beginning your journey and desire pre-engaged/pre-marital counseling or find yourselves mired in a difficult marital stage or crisis, Brian or Judy will help you empower yourselves as a couple to co-create a vibrant, thriving relationship where you remain unique but united within a satisfying relationship.



Marital Counseling


All couples can benefit from mentoring and coaching through marriage’s many stages…whether you are dealing with a frustrating but solvable situation (and your commitment to one another is strong) or  you have hurt one another and wonder if your bond is beyond repair.  


Common issues dealt with in couples work

  • Putting an end to negative communication/arguing cycles

  • Forgiveness/repair dialogue

  • Co-creating a new relationship vision

  • Developing a deeper bond and attunement to one another

  • Deepening your communication skills

  • Accepting your temperaments/individual differences

  • Learning how to negotiate and make win-win decisions

  • Life stage stressors (e.g. parenting; retirement; loss; lifestyle)

  • Sexual intimacy

  • Finances

  • Spirituality










Pre-engaged/premarital counseling


What a wonderful and exciting time!  You are on a joyous adventure and it just makes sense to take the time to deepen your knowledge of one another and to strengthen your relational “muscles” as you partner together.   


Pre-marital couples are invited to take the optional PREPARE, the premier nationally respected pre-marital assessment inventory (check out  Both Brian and Judy are certified to give this inventory.  The information gleaned from this questionnaire can become the focus for the counseling. Let us know if you would like BOTH Brian and Judy to jointly work with you...couple to couple!


Common discussion items: 


  • Your relationship vision

  • Your innate temperaments (Meyers-Briggs Temperament Analysis available)

  • Developing open, clear and clean communication

  • Healthy conflict management and resolution skills

  • Family of origin influences on your partnership

  • Expectations of marriage

  • Children and parenting

  • Emotional and sexual intimacy

  • The business of a marriage (finances, stress/lifestyle management)

  • Spirituality


The format for pre-engaged/pre-marital couples can be adapted to fit your needs.  Most couples spend at least 6 hours spread out over a few months.  You can meet for 1 hour at a time or for up to 3 hours per session depending on schedule availability (weekend multiple hour sessions can be arranged).

Please contact Brian or Judy  to discuss the per hour fee for these services. 



Inventories (optional)

The PREPARE Inventory: Per COUPLE: $35.00 (on-line)

Meyers-Briggs Temperament Inventory (MBTI): Per Individual: $ 75.00 (online)

(Prices subject to change)