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Brian Person, MDiv, LMFT

Brian's insightful, active and compassionate blend of psychology, theology and practical coaching has successfully helped thousands in face-to-face, online or outdoor confidential conversations for nearly four decades.  


Brian’s experience includes 37 years in ordained ministry, 29 years as a marriage and family therapist (MFT) and 19 years as a certified professional coach (CPC).  Brian is also an adjunct faculty member at  Western Seminary. 


Brian confidentially and creatively works with today’s busy professional by limiting his caseload and meeting face to face and online so he can focus and help clients move on in ways that work for them.


Brian enjoys spending time with Judy, his wife of 40 plus years, hanging out with his two adult sons  and chilling with friends of all sorts!

He  enjoys surfing, hiking, worshipful dance, photography, kayaking, writing, reading, video and movie watching. Brian was raised in Santa Cruz and loves exploring it's riches and loves staying dialed into Silicon Valley!

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