Individual Counseling for Women


Women have unique gifts and perspective on life. 


Women often care and worry about the world at large while at the same time needing to focus on the mundane of life… what is for dinner? 

How can I best spend my time today?

Did I forget the laundry in the dryer? 

How can I balance my needs/wants with those around me?


Women come across our paths for counseling with an eagerness to evolve...

to understand and strengthen their selves. They are looking for assistance in creating healthier relationships with others, managing the stresses and strains of life a bit better, and gaining tools to cope with varying moods.


Let either Judy or Brian have the privilege of suggesting resources,

listening deeply and holding  you accountable to your own self-care goals.




Common counseling topics:


Dealing with depression and mood swings

Coping with stress/anxiety/worry

Developing healthier relationships

Balancing career and homelife

Parenting coaching

Sexual concerns

Infertility/assisted reproduction issues

Healing from a painful childhood

(abuse, abandonment, addiction)

Healing from victimization



Tools we can use for growth, coaching and healing:

   Dialogue and the use of cognitive/behavioral methods

     Relaxation and stress management training

       Reading/workbook aids


           Expressive arts (art, music, poetry)

             Group Therapy